Amendola was born in Milano in 1987. One night, when he was eight years old, he had a lucid dream of meeting an editor. With this person of his imagination, he started talking, telling him some episodes that he had lived. Since then the idea got stuck on the back of his mind… His life would be interesting enough to make him a writer and write a book about it. Instead, he studied architecture, and a year-long Erasmus escapade took him to Lisbon. The landlord of his shared flat was an interesting person with an amazing job, doing nothing besides waiting for the students to pay him the rent and enjoying life from one party to another.

He realized that this is what a per - fect life looked like and that this is what he wanted for his future. In this course, he also decided: Screw architecture! Screw a 9-to-5 job that everyone starts to com - plain about after 6 months! After having collected some money as a tuk-tuk driver, he rented out his first apartment, began sub-renting rooms with Airbnb, and soon got a second and a third apartment. He made it, he was The Landlord. His dream had become a reality. His main activities were surfing during the day and having fun in the night, making dinner at his place, and wel - coming the guests who were coming to his apartments. To have something more to do, he decided to open a bar, got popular in the nightlife of Lisbon, made lots of friends, had a car, a motorbike, and the best dog in town, Leopoldo. Now he was living in heaven. But even the best parties end at some point, and a broken heart sent him into a deep depression. To get over it he started to write a diary… To be precise, during a drunk night after having climbed a crane set on the highest viewpoint of the city. From that moment on, his path took many strange and unexpected turns. And the real story starts.