Eduardo Coelho Ayub

Eduardo Coelho Ayub is a commercial air- line pilot currently flying as a Boeing 777 captain for TAAG Angola Airlines. Born in Porto Alegre in 1956 to Nagib and Leila Coelho Ayub, the author has two sisters, Ligia and Lia, and is married to Deise, with whom he has a daughter called Bruna. Planning on following in the footsteps of his father, a longtime pilot for Varig (Brazi- lian Airline) Eduardo Ayub made his maiden flight in 1971 at the Albatroz Gliding Club, in Osório. He worked as a co-pilot at Rio-Sul before being hired by Varig and moving on to occupy the left seat of L-188s, B-727,B- 767,DC-10s, MD-11s, and B777s. During his time as an active board member of the APVAR (Association of Varig Pilots), he became particularly interested in Aviation Safety, which led him to pursue an advanced degree in the area and subsequently earned him a position as a faculty member at PU- CRS’s renowned Aeronautical Sciences course – where he taught for three years. With more than twenty-three thousand flight hours under his belt, Eduardo also worked for Korean Air, Gol, and EuroAtlantic Airway, before joining TAAG. He attended school at Maria Goretti and Colégio Rosário and graduated in Business Administration and Foreign Trade (Unisinos) and in Human Factors in Aviation (PUCRS).