Ester de Sousa e Sá

I was born in Portugal and, in 1952 still a child, emigrated with my parents to Africa.

I lived in Southern Africa for forty four years. It was a life experience which enriched my walk on earth. For me then, a little girl out from Europe, Africa held a fascination which marked my life forever with its sounds, smells colours and the vibrant energy of its' people, emanating from the hot and fertile bowels of the earth.

I was brought up in an English colony where I did my studies and later initiated my banking career, married and raised a family.

Everything I do in life, I do with passion!

My love for the arts in general has always been present in my life and, since the late sixties whilst fulfilling my professional obligations, have engaged and participated in various art exhibitions.

In the continuous exercise of my creative side, writing spontaneously came about and, I let myself fall for it.