Joan Turner

Joan was born in Johannesburg South Africa, got married and had two daughters. She is the grandmother of five grandchildren and one great granddaughter. She has had a very full and interesting life. Lived in all the Provence's in South Africa and travelled to many countries of the world gaining wisdom and understanding from many spiritual Teachers. She lived in Namibia South West Africa on a Diamond Mine for six years. Studied the Science of the Mind in South Africa and became a Practioner and taught the Power of the Mind.

Joan studied the teachings of Astara which is in California, and went on to learn how to contact the Masters of wisdom through meditation and receive messages from them. These messages have taught much about the Path of Righteousness and all the glories of overcoming the earthly vibrations of fear, guilt, doubt and all the vibrations that hold us in bondage to the negative forces. Hopefully this book will help others in the same way. These teachings have been passed on to all students who desire to overcome mortality and experience Immortality, and to develop and grow spiritually and take responsibility for their actions and deeds and become in tune with The Infinite Mind of God. Joan now lives in Berkshire UK., and desires to continue with Metaphysical teachings to assist all on the path of Righteousness.