María Leonor Nunes dos Reis

Leonor Reis is the author of the book “Success in personal brand
management ... personal branding” and co-author of the book “Marketing
Highlihts”. She lives in Porto, Portugal, and speaks 4 languages:
Portuguese, Spanish, English and German. She has lived in Germany,
enjoys discovering the world and the mystic of multicultural
She holds a doctorate in business sciences from the Rey Juan Carlos
University in Madrid; a master’s degree in marketing management, from
IPAM, in Porto, and a degree in physics and chemistry, from the
University of Aveiro. She was administrator of a foundation, deputy of
the municipal assembly of her region, founder and business owner in the
real estate area and also in the personal brand management consultancy
She has a Blog and wrote for Maria Capaz, a
feminist movement that defends equal opportunities between genders. To
maintain youthfulness, she cultivates a healthy life, practicing sports and
taking care of his diet. To indulge her spirit, practice transcendental
meditation, yoga, read and get inspired by the best examples.
The tasting of dishes and wines, in reference spaces, is a hobby. Leonor
Reis intends to become an example of life and for that she remains
integral to its individuality and uniqueness, because she believes that it is
fundamental to the happiness of the human being. She has strong
convictions, but allows flexibility and consideration to have a say in his
decisions. She works to perfection on a daily basis, not in order to
achieve it, but as a vehicle for motivating his personal and professional
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