Tito Laraya

Tito Mellão Laraya, artistic name of Francisco Mellão Laraya, lawyer, classical musician, and writer, with the following edited books: "Tito  and the Dream Tree”, "Exams", "The discovery:  the not time "," A dream within a dream "," Baroque Texts " , " Grain of Sand " ,  "In Search of the Lost Time "," My World and Nothing Else "  and  " Much Noice for Nothing " in Portugal. 

Additional involvement in the anthologies: Crystal Words I, II and III and the Anthology of the Manor of the Poets, of LOGO's Anthologies - PHOENIX, where he delivers his writings for more than a year; organizer  of the Lusofonia-Magazine , Writers Releases also in Portugal; in Italy, under the name of Tito Laraya: "L'Essenza dell'anima" and Baroque Texts in Brazil with the name of Francisco Mellão Laraya; has his books in Portugal the libraries, such as Coimbra, of Galveias, Orlando Ribeiro and Salvaterra dos Magos; in Italy: Firenze, Turin, Rome and the Vatican. In Brazil: Braziliana da USP, Florestan Fernandes USP and Mário de Andrade, as well as in the Congress of United States of America Library.

Academic titles as a writer:  Ambassador of Poetry, by the Academy Of Letters and Academics correspondent for the Academy of Letters from Fortaleza. He participated in the Book Biennial of 2014 in São Paulo. He acquired the title of Baron Francisco Mellão Laraya, by Littera Brasilis Casa Real, and Comendador Grão Necklace of the Embassy of Poetry;  also Constructor of Brasilidade and Prize of the Great Literary Merit, these last two by the Club of the 21 Brother-Friends of Taubaté.

The proposal of Tito as writer is to approach difficult philosophical subjects in a relaxed and humorous way so that the readers have remarkable moments.