Zornitza Djorinska

I am Zornitza Djorinska, born in Sofia, Bulgaria. While studying for exams at the Academy of Arts, I won a poetry contest and surrendered to my destiny. I graduated Bulgarian and German languages at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “and Heidelberg College where I attended lectures on Literary Theory and Linguistics at Ruprecht Karl University. I worked in an art gallery, I translated films, I wrote advertisements, but I spent the longest period working as an organizer of music events and recordings. I have lived in Germany, Austria, Italy and Israel, now I live in Bulgaria.

Walking through the galleries with their yellow lights and silk, through venues of rock concerts with their bright lights, confused guitar solos and leather clothes, amid the aroma of freesia and frizzy hair tousled by the fans - everywhere I went I took a molecule of intense love leading to the birth of my the first novel, “Elfie: A Dissection of Betrayal.” In my book, I talk about ugly things in a beautiful way and give the unacceptable an acceptable appearance. I believe that every additional dose of beauty gives life to more kindness and decency.