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Last September in Lisbon


Short political & erotic thriller inspired by the San Antonio series of Frédéric Dard.

Last September in Lisbon is taking place exclusively in Lisbon over a period of just under two weeks.

Sara, young independent woman in her late 20’s, works at the Belgian Embassy by the Marquês de Pombal square right in the centre of Lisbon. She is Portuguese and has lived all her life between her recently bought apartment in the trendy part of Lisbon and her parents’ countryside cottage in the Serra de Sintra.

Oliver, young handsome Portuguese student at the main communication and marketing school in Lisbon, also close to the Marquês de Pombal square, will become friend with Sara and very close to her in unusual and dramatic circumstances.

Tatiana is from Ukraine. She is in Lisbon for 4 months on an Erasmus programme as part of her geology university studies. She is very outgoing and a beautiful brunette, who loves new adventures.

But is Tatiana just a normal Ukrainian Erasmus student? Who is exactly her cousin who is visiting her, right in the middle of the Web Summit?

What our three main heroes are going to witness and be part of is something, which nobody, until then, thought could possibly happen in Lisbon. These events are going to change for ever the relations of Portugal and Europe with Russia, and the EU role and place in the world.