Publishing books is what we do, and it’s what we love!

At CHIADO BOOKS we’re passionate about books – those published by us and those published by others. And we work day in, day out to provide the perfect book for every kind of reader.

CHIADO BOOKS specialises in the publication of contemporary English-language authors, from celebrated names, to the most promising emerging talents of our time.

Thanks to our innovative production and distribution methods, all books published by CHIADO BOOKS are constantly available to all readers, all over the globe.

CHIADO BOOKS’s publication policy has, at its heart, a vision for the democratisation of the world of publishing, offering Authors the best opportunities, and offering Readers wonderful works, from a huge range of genres, at a fair price and free from prejudice.

Given its great success in Portugal and Brazil, CHIADO has expanded its work into various other countries, in various different languages. You can see the works published by our international divisions on their individual websites. CHIADO publishes in Germany, Belgium, Spain and Latin America, the United States, France, Luxembourg, ItalyIreland and the United Kingdom.

Why not take a look at our books? We’ve always got something to challenge you. And the challenge we set ourselves, is to ensure that CHIADO BOOKS's books deserve to be part of your life!