Author Testimonials

"CHIADO BOOKS gave me the opportunity to realise a dream: to bring my writing to others, and feel that my stories resonate with their readers. Thank you!"

Cláudina Brito, Author of "Momentos Quase (im)Perfeitos" and "A Herdade da Julinha"

"It’s a young publisher, made up of a priceless team. A team which is as much young-spirited as it is talented. In my case, I have good reason to value such characteristics. My authorial journey didn’t begin with CHIADO BOOKS. I already came with some experience of the meanderings of this art, brought with me from other publishers, and I must say, in all honesty, I feel wholly satisfied with CHIADO BOOKS's performance and, it goes without saying, its employees”.

José da Costa Oliveira, Author of "Do Alvão ao Ramelau", "Contos Quase Romances da Cabreira e Seu Universo", "O Estudande de Economia" and "A Leste a a Oeste"

CHIADO BOOKS, with its healthy irreverence, is constantly growing, with excellent professionals working in all areas. They opened doors for me, they made way for a dream, for which I will forever be grateful. Their support is unfaltering, which makes the Author believe in themselves, their work and their book, more and more. CHIADO BOOKS is, without a shadow of a doubt, an excellent publisher.

Hélder Castro, Author of "Silêncio Poético"

Despite an ocean separating us, my experience as an author with CHIADO BOOKS has resulted in a testimonial stating an unequalled affection for this editorial family, which always supported me in an exceptionally professional way, with the publication of my book. Here’s to the whole team!

Ana Isabel Rosa, Author of "Compasso da Vida"

When an author finds the perfect vehicle via which to reach their readers, you could say that thev’ve completed their literary process. CHIADO BOOKS manages to create the ideal conditions for that route, bringing our books to readers in a peerless way.

Pedro Pujante, Author of "Espejos Y Otra Orillas"

As a new author I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome, more help, professionalism or support. From the very first day, they take care of the details, and the authors, and, of course, of the books themselves, producing work of enormous quality at every turn. Thank you, CHIADO BOOKS!

Jonatan Allepuzzi, Author of "Lagunas de Sueños y Vidas"