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A Broken Heart


My name is Caroline Ward and in writing A Promise For My Mother I had hoped to bring to people a story of tragedy and heartache that ends in love and happiness. But what were the true feelings that I had throughout my life story? In writing this new work I am now hoping to bring understanding of how the events in my life made me feel. But, like everything else in life, people will make their own minds up about my life and my story – I just hope that I can inspire and maybe make you all think about events in your lives and how they made you feel!

If this work seems like a bit of a reference manual then, I am sorry, but it is meant to be a help to those of you who want to use it as a guide to maybe overcome any sadness and loss, a little bit like I have tried to do. Without much success, I might add!

However, I am trying to move on now and I know that I can look forward to happier times. But, can the scars of a lifetime be removed? I hope that the answers will come to me and you all at the end and, I hope that they can heal with time! Let’s see!