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A Promise For My Mother


A life lived under turmoil and some dreadful events? An upbringing filled with sadness and lack of parental guidance? The stuff of novels, right? Well, in my case definitely not!
My name is Caroline and my life story is very definitely a novel! My father left when I was a baby and I didn't have much time with my mother as she died when I was very young, after being quite poorly. My grandma was left to bring me up, but, grandmas are supposed to be loving and caring, aren't they?
The truth is, my life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, made worse by the absence of love and support at crucial times when I needed it most. Perhaps I had better relate my life and then you might get an idea. The names have been changed but the story is a true story of the facts of my life and my triumph over adversity to find happiness, in spite of my debilitating, tiring illness. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and it will make you wonder how I made it this far!
As I sit here looking at my wonderful Christmas lights in my lovely home with my wonderful husband and fantastic little dog Tammey I wonder just how I did made it this far intact!
Hopefully my story will be inspiring but, like many stories that are not very nice, it does have a happy ending!