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Beyond the Bed Borders


"Close your eyes, transport your mind to
A 'wish you were here place you love to be'
Free from the binds of a body confined
Beyond the bed borders – I imagine – me"

Physical limitations of M.E. confine me to bed and my view is restricted
to the familiar fringes of repeat pictured flower borders, I long to travel
"Through the doorway of life, to untenable, unreachable worl,
Would that I could venture through the arch and beyond."

My poetry takes me on journeys into the freedom of the imagination and to many
captured recollections, some good, some are not so.

Let me be where the air is clear and sunlight dances
Where the sky is everlasting and echoes non-responsive
And thoughts can sail away on effervescent clouds
Where life is but a dream – just for a while

I can escape beyond my imprisoned body boundaries to a place
where thoughts roam, ideas dance, memories live and words play
For when my mind is my own – I am me not just M.E.”