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Entropy and Me


A deeply personal view of the increasingly chaotic, disorderly and often disturbing world in which we find ourselves. From the mundane to the extraordinary, from the sublime-to the ridiculous, in these diverse poems and prose, you will find the hilarity and tragedy that is, “modern life”...

Encompassing many exhaustive and comprehensive observations of the human condition, no stone is left unturned. From the very stuff of life itself, DNA... and its subsequent evolution into the expression of all human emotion,... fear... envy... greed... lust and love.

Every imaginable topic is covered with relish in this eclectic collection of verse and prose, as seen through the eyes of a transgendered ex-construction industry worker who now spends much of his time as a performer, poet, composer and musician... here you will find humour... profanity... philosophy... insanity... controversy and all manner of perversity.

Sometimes shocking, sometimes moving and sincere, satyrical and humorous... offering insights into the mire of humanity that surrounds us from a humble, working class frame of reference. The poems and prose contained herein are a raw and honest account of where humanity is up to at the present time. An entertaining and thought provoking observation of the Human Condition on every level.