CHIADO BOOKS is a company dedicated to the publication, design, printing, distribution and promotion of books, and is committed to carrying out its activity in an environmentally responsible way, so as to contribute to long-term sustainable development whilst also consistently satisfying Readers by offering them an excellent reading experience at a fair price.

To this end, CHIADO BOOKS proposes to continually develop and implement measures which conserve natural resources, so as to reduce the environmental impact of its work, operating according to the following principles:

- Our choice of goods and services suppliers takes into account their environmental practices. Environmental questions, together with quality, availability and price are the key criteria we consider in the selection of all of our Partners.

- We rigorously monitor our consumption of energy and primary resources.

- We optimise resources, using recycled/recyclable primary materials wherever possible.

- We apply waste management principles so as to direct this to its proper place.

The development of an environmental program requires ongoing effort. CHIADO BOOKS regularly evaluates, revises and improves its program so as to ensure the proper application of the very best measures, taking into account the particular conditions of each of the Publisher’s activities.

As part of raising environmental awareness, we train our Employees, and we inform our Readers, Authors, Partners and Suppliers of the environmental principles according to which we work.