All famous authors started out in relative obscurity. At CHIADO BOOKS we know what it’s like, which is why we make sure to give proper attention and care to all the original manuscripts we receive, be that by post or by email, analysing them in accordance with our "free-from-prejudice" policy.

Therefore, if you would like to submit your manuscript for analysis, you can send it to CHIADO BOOKS, where our editorial board will carefully read it through. If it is considered compatible with our editorial line, we’ll be sure to make you a publication proposal. Regardless of our decision, we will always get back to you, to inform you of our decision. Analysis of manuscripts is undertaken and communicated within 10 days of their receipt.

Together with the original, you should send a brief Author bio and a telephone number on which we can contact you.

We prefer to receive manuscripts by email, at:

We do, however, also accept submissions by post.

For residents of the USA, please send your manuscript to:

630 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10111

For residents of the UK and Ireland, please send your manuscript to:

180 Piccadilly
London W1J 9HF

FAQs | Frequently asked questions relating to manuscripts:

How can I be sure that my work is secure once I send it to CHIADO BOOKS?

We know that your manuscript is very important to you! And, without a doubt, the fruit of much labour and dedication. Which is why we entirely understand the worry that some Authors feel sending their original to a publisher. But when you send your work to CHIADO BOOKS, we can assure you that it is completely secure. We guarantee not only the safety of your original - which will be used for the exclusive purpose of carrying out a literary and commercial analysis - but also your confidentiality, as the Author of the work, along with the fact of your having sent your work to us.

Here, you can consult the opinions of some of the Authors who have published with Chiado, so as to get a better sense of our work, from an Author’s point of view.

What font/text-size/margins should be used?

The Author can format the text of their manuscript however they wish. So long as it is legible, it will be accepted for analysis by CHIADO BOOKS.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of pages for a manuscript?

No. There are no limits on the number of pages for manuscripts. CHIADO BOOKS publishes a whole range of text lengths, from short stories through to more extensive works, thousands of pages long!

How does it work if my book isn’t chosen for publication?

In the case of originals sent by email and not selected for publication, once the Author has been notified, their manuscript will be immediately deleted from the CHIADO BOOKS database. Originals sent through the post and not chosen for publication can be collected from the CHIADO BOOKS offices up to one month after communication of our decision to the Author. At the end of this period, the original will be destroyed.

To which editor should the work be sent?

You needn’t specify any editor. The work will be internally forwarded to the most appropriate editor. However, if you’ve already worked with Chiado in the past, and you would like to send your manuscript to a specific editor, please feel free to mention this in the cover email you send along with your original.

I would like to write a book, I’ve got loads of ideas, but I’ve never written anything before. Where do I start?

Writing a book is a huge challenge, but also a uniquely rewarding process. Take a look at our suggestions here and get stuck in!